27th Legnica International Jewellery Competition ILLUSION


Theo Smeets



The exhibition presents the works of excellent and recognized all over the world jewellery artist and lecturer. He was born in  Valkenburg (Netherlands), graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Since 1998 he is professor for Jewellery and Object Design at the University of Applied Arts in Trier, Gemstone and Jewellery Design Department in Idar-Oberstein, where he lives.





2013 – Fête Champêtre, Galerie Wanda Reiff, Bemelen (Netherlands)

2012 – De Salon, Sittard (Netherlands)

2011 – Triennale de Bijoux, Mons (Belgium)

2009 – 3 of a Kind 5, Galerie AdK, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2007 – SkinCase, Pedros Y Pegassos, Porto (Portugal)

2006 – "Turnov Symposium '06- The Collection", Museum Turnov, (Czech Republic)

2005 – Travelling Symposium, Museo Douro Travassos (Portugal)

2005 – Amber in Good Hand, Amber Centre, Gdańsk (Poland)

2004 – 'Valuable links. Jewels from the OSCE countries', Museum für Volkenkunde, Wien (Austria); National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia (Bulgaria)

2004 – 'Schmuck macht munter', Detail Zwo, Düsseldorf (Germany)

2004 - 'Three of a kind V', Gallery "Biemolds Belang", Groningen (Netherlands)

2003 – Solo, Galerie V & V, Vienna (Austria)

2003 – 'Valuable links. Jewels from the OSCE countries', MECC, Maastricht (Netherlands)

2003 – 'Three of a kind IV', Gallery ADK, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2003 – 'Three of a Kind III', Van Sint Fiet, Maastricht (Netherlands)

2003 – 'A Tiara for Maxima', Gold Treasury Museum, Melbourne (Australia)

2002 – Solo, Van Sint Fiet, Maastricht (Netherlands)

2002 – 'Diadeem voor Máxima', Museum Het Kruithuis, Den Bosch (Netherlands)

2001 – 'Op de huid', Arnhems Gemeentemuseum, Arnhem (Netherlands)

1998 – 'Harten & Relatieringen', Gallery Brits & Carmeliet, Gent (Belgium)

1998 – Solo, Museum Het Kruithuis, Den Bosch (Netherlands)

1998 –  'Wasser', Gallery Cebra, Düsseldorf (Germany)

1998 –  '(T)rouw', Gallery Ademloos, Den Hag (Netherlands)

1998 – 'Three of a kind III', Gallery Kathareze, Tilburg (Netherlands)

1997 –  'Een Willekeurige Verzameling', Gallery Louise Smit, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

1997 – 'Waterproject', Gallery Ademloos, Den Hag (Netherlands)

1997  – 'Multiples', Gallery Brits & Carmeliet, Gent (Belgium)

1996 – 'Vormgegeven', Stadsgalerij, Heerlen (Netherlands)

1996  – Solo, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen (Netherlands)

1996  – 'Three of a kind II', AMC, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

1996  –  'Kunstrai', Gallery Ademloos, Den Hag (Netherlands)

1996  –  'Du contemporain', Chateau Musée, Cagnes-sur-Mèr (France)

1996'European jewelry', Sofa, Miami (USA)

1995 – 'Alliances', Gallery Hélène Porée, Paris (France)

1995 – 'Parels', Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen (Netherlands)

1995 – Solo, Gallery Hélène Porée, Paris (France)

1995 – Solo, Gallery V & V, Vienna (Austria)

1995 – Solo, Gallery Ademloos, Den Hag (Netherlands)

1995 – 'Contemporary Dutch jewellery', Sofa, Chicago (USA)

1995 – 'Winter '95', Gallery V & V, Vienna (Austria)

1995 – 'Exposition '95', Gallery Hélène Porée, Paris (France).







Open: 22nd April – 8th June, Tu-Su: 11.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. 

Place: Gallery of Art in Legnica, Pl. Katedralny 1



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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2017 
Dates:  27th April - 11th June 2017


Culmination: 19th – 20st of May 2017
Venue: Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland


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