On April 11 & 12 the proceedings of the Jury of the 27th International Jewellery Competition ILLUSION took place. 495 works by 195 artists from 34 countries had been submitted.

The Jury members were: David Bielander (Switzerland / Germany), Norman Cherry (Great Britain), Sławomir Fijałkowski (Poland), Sara Gackowska (Poland), Nanna Melland (Norway).






in the 27th Legnica International Jewellery Competition ILLUSION


Laurent Brune – Francja / France

Sungho Cho – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Anna i Witold Chudzik – Polska / Poland

Marion Delarue – Francja / France

Georg W. Dobler – Niemcy / Germany

Dagmar Christina Gerke – Niemcy / Germany

Mieczysław Gryza – Polska / Poland

Maja Houtman – Holandia / The Netherlands

Tzu Chun Hung – Tajwan / Taiwan

Margit Jäschke – Niemcy / Germany

Minna Karhu – Finlandia / Finland

Cathleen Kämpfe – Niemcy / Germany

Shin-Lyoung Kim – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Eszter Sára Kocsor – Węgry / Hungary

Jil Koehn – Niemcy / Germany

Akiko Kurihara – Japonia/Włochy / Japan/Italy

Kim Kyung Jin – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Young Im Lee – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Jongseok Lim – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Magdalena Maślerz – Polska / Poland

Dot Melanin – Izrael / Israel

Satoshi Nakamura – Japonia / Japan

Thanh-Truc Nguyen – Niemcy / Germany

Michalina Owczarek – Polska / Poland

Sanghee Park – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Sham Patwardhan-Joshi – Niemcy / Germany

Felicity Peters – Australia / Australia

Mária Roskó – Węgry / Hungary

Marta Rudnicka – Polska / Poland

Agnieszka Sendecka – Polska / Poland

Gisbert Stach – Niemcy / Germany

Christoph Straube – Niemcy / Germany

Céline Sylvestre – Francja / France

Mari Syren – Finlandia / Finland

Timothy Information Limited – Wielka Brytania / Great Britain

Silke Trekel – Niemcy / Germany

Martin Verner – Czechy / Czech Republic

Silvia Walz – Niemcy/Hiszpania / Germany/Spain

Fang-Jin Yeh – Tajwan / Taiwan







the Gallery of Art in Legnica

 invites to take part in





Deadline for submitting works is April 3rd 2018.





It is not certain which was first: a man or an illusion? One can imagine life without a man, but is life without illusions still conceivable? Perhaps we would not exist if it was not for an illusion but ultimately, we live with it in an inseparable tangle like jing and yang.

It is impossible to do without it in everyday reality. It is widely used for various purposes. Most often as a means, an instrument, a method to surprise, manipulate, deceive, cheat, and finally achieve the intended effect, a specific goal. Not necessarily a morally reprehensible one.

Illusion can be defined in various ways, located in different orders, from physical and aesthetic to psychosocial and political. Although it apparently originates from the neutral world of optics, in fact it seems to be that fleeting and ambivalent filter, lens, stained glass between the sacred and the profane, the unconscious cause of our triumphs and disasters, the source of beauty and nightmare, pleasure and pain, truth and falsehood, love and solitude. In a word – a remedy for all evil, but often with side effects.

Illusion is a paradox in which a phenomenon – illusory, false and fictitious by its very nature – serves to describe actual reality, considered to be the only true one. And yet the very possibility of illusion is an incentive to negate reality, to make use of an alternative reality. Thus illusion is a confirmation of how dual and ambiguous we are. And that – perhaps – it is impossible to define a man without the concept of illusion, an illusory imagination or a transgression of reality.

Illusion, a substitute for fulfilled dreams, but also a causative spirit for everything. Although it deceives and misleads, it can also be creative and constructive because illusions inspire and initiate actions, they are the driving force behind our deeds. Illusion is a kind of attractive, often risky game to play with others or oneself. A kind of challenge, search, denial, provocation and rejection of the known reality. But also a medicine and an escape from it in order to perceive the world from a different perspective, to “heal the soul” or just satisfy one’s need for adrenaline. It seems to be everything, although it is not (?) God. It was out of this unbridled want for illusion that art was created, including jewellery … Because illusion is a glow, magic, dazzle, fantasy, it is emotion, memory and an inexhaustible source of stories, so why should we not succumb to it one more time.


Monika Szpatowicz



Terms & Conditions

Entry Form








 Here you can find a photoreport from the culmination of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2017:




Last weekend, on the 19th and 20th of May, the 38th Legnica Festival SILVER 2017 culminated. Organized since the late 1970's by the Gallery of Art in Legnica, the Festival is one of the biggest reviews of contemporary art jewellery in Europe and during its culmination Legnica becomes a mecca for jewellery makers and lovers from all over the country and a big part of the world.

During those 2 days vernissages of all 26 Festival exhibitions took place together with fringe events such as the enthronement of Golden Finger – symbol of the Festival, a concert and popular science seminar. The exhibitions show over 1,800 objects of contemporary jewellery and design made by more than 500 artists from 50 countries. Many authors of avant-garde jewellery from Chile, Germany, Poland, USA,  Italy and other countries were present at the vernissages. Most exhibitions remain open till June 11th.


The main event of the Festival is the 26th International Jewellery Competition IDENTITY. This year a record number of 603 works were submitted by 307 designers from 41 countries. The winners were announced and awarded prizes on Saturday evening in the Old Townhall. The international jury consisting of Doris Maninger, Sophie Hanagarth, Kim Buck, Arek Wolski and Slawomir Fijalkowski awarded the following prizes:


1st Prize (Grand Prix of the Minister of Culture & National Heritage)

Susanne Matsche (Germany)



2nd Prize (the Award of the Marshall of Lower Silesia Province)

Elena Gorbunova (Russia)



3rd Prize (the Award of the Mayor of the City of Legnica)

Herman Hermsen (the Netherlands)



4th Prize (the Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica)

Tom Stöckl (Germany)



Special Prize (Silver Spur) 

Miriam Arentż (Germany)




Apart from that the following artists were awarded prizes and honourable mentions by various art-related institutions and organizations:

Lucie Houdkova (Czech Republic) - Inhorgenta Munich Fair Award;

Andrzej Pacak (Poland / United Kingdom) – Polish Jewellery Company Award;

Ana Carolina Escobar (Colombia / France) and Kim Ji Young (South Korea) – Honourable Mentions of the Director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica;

Herman Hermsen (the Netherlands) – Honourable Mention of the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association;

Daniel Michel (Germany) - Honourable Mention of Pica Pica blog;

Michalina Owczarek (Poland) - Honourable Mention of the International Amber Association.







April 27 - June 11, 2017

Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Marshal of Lower Silesia Voivodeship ,President of the City Legnica.


The Director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica is pleased to invite you to all the events of Legni-ca Jewellery Festival SILVER and its official culmination combined with the announcement of results and awards in the 26th Legnica International Jewellery Competition IDENTITY.




16:00   Art Station, Railway Station, 2-4 Kolejowa St.

IDENTITY - Polish after-contest photography exhibition

IDENTITY - Polish poster exhibition

RELATOS HABITUALES / ORDINARY STORIES – collective                 exhibition of 20 Chilean artists


16:45   Main Town Square

Open-air Festival inauguration, Golden Thumb enthronement, paving with silver.


17:00   Old Townhall Hall / Modrzejewska Theatre, 39 Rynek 

Holownia - presentation of works not qualified for the 26th Legnica                 International Jewellery Competition Identity


17.30   Under the Quail’s Basket Gallery, 38 Rynek

DebutsAdam Kaczmarek Direction


18:00   Copper Museum, 1 Św. Jana St.

About the Artists: 

Harold O`Connor Meanderings. Not All Who Wander Are Lost

NATURE MORTE. Jewellery - international exhibition of several                     dozen top artists

NATURE MORTE - after-contest exhibition organized by Amber Trip,               Vilnius


19:00   Satyrykon Gallery, 36 Rynek

About the Artists:

Michalina Owczarek Shell, Gdańsk Baltic Amber Biennale -                       exhibition of works with amberby 29 excellent international artists, 

Amberif Design Award Peripheries - after-contest exhibition                         organized by Gdańsk International Fair 


20:00   Cafe Modjeska, 39 Rynek

Silver Screen: Identity - film showing

Silver Concert: Agnieszka Rycombel Quartet

Silver Meeting - an open meeting of the participants, guests and                     jewellery fans





11:00 - 14:00 the Qubus Hotel, 2 Skarbowa St.

BOUNDARIES OF GLOBAL ART: JEWELLERY                                             IDENTITY- discussion panel


17:00   LCK (Legnica Culture Centre), 2 Chojnowska St.

About the Artists:

Patrícia Domingues Reconstructed

Akiko Kurihara All that glitters is not silver

Sława Tchórzewska The colour of space

Dot Look what i did

Sara Gackowska & Federica Sala Merging

j-Lab: LIGHT MATTERS (D. Borovkova, V. Caprini, L. Grabher, D.Olejniczak, L. Rossetti, M.I. Walker) 

Au+ SPACE PARADIGM (M.Bogusław, B. M. Chmielewski, F. Jackowski, M. Wysocki)

SILVER SCHOOLS: presentations of educators, graduates and                     students of jewellery schools:

Institut Jeanne Toussaint - Parure & Bijouterie from Brussels (Belgium)

Jewellery Studio at Metal Department of National Academy of Art in Sofia (Bulgaria)

Jewelry and Fashion Department of Bezalel Academy of Arts and             Design in Jerusalem (Israel)

18:00   RING Gallery, 12-14 Rynek

About the Artists:

Marcin Tymiński For sale

Bench 886 BUBBLE LAND – collective exhibition of 9 Taiwanese                   artists (Yung-Huei Chao, Ying-Hsui Chen, Mei-Fang Chiang, Ying-Hsun (Zita) Hsu, Yu-Ping Lin, Heng Lee, Shih-Dea (Deborah) Tseng, Cai-Xuan (Molly) Wu, Wen-Miao Yeh)

18:45   Pacykarz Gallery, 1 Plac Katedralny

About the Artists: 

Małgorzata Kalińska Splash, line, black

19:00   Gallery of Art, 1 Plac Katedralny

About the Artists: 

Arek Wolski Only what you`ve rejected will be left for you

19:30   Old Townhall Hall / Modrzejewska Theatre, 39 Rynek

26th Legnica International Jewellery Competition                                       IDENTITY- award giving ceremony

20:30   Cafe Modjeska, 39 Rynek




We invite you to visit the exhibitions of 26th Legnica SILVER Festival 2017. Detailed information about the presented exhibitions can be found in the EXHIBITIONS bookmark. This year’s Festival consists of 24 exhibitions in 8 venues, workshops, film screenings and panel discussions. Culmination of the Festival with exhibition openings, the announcement of the winners of 26th Jewellery Competition and award giving  ceremony will take place on May 19 and 20.

Detailed culmination programme soon. Admission to all Festival events free. We invite you to see the exhibition as well as attend the culmination ceremony.




A list of artists qualified

in the 26h Legnica International Jewellery Competition IDENTITY:


Sabrina Ackermann – Niemcy / Germany

Violeta Adomaitytė  – Litwa / Lithuania

Sharareh Aghaei – Iran / Iran

Jordi Aparicio – Hiszpania / Spain

Miriam Arentz – Niemcy / Germany

Isabelle Azaïs – Francja / France

Burcu Büyükünal – Turcja / Turkey

Carla Castiajo – Portugalia / Portugal

Eunmi Chun – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Trinidad Contreras – Hiszpania / Spain

Ana Carolina Escobar – Kolumbia/Francja / Colombia/France

Elena Gorbunova – Rosja / Russia

Martin Grosman – Czechy / Czech Republic

Mieczysław Gryza – Polska / Poland

Sang Deok Han – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Fernando Haro – Hiszpania / Spain

Herman Hermsen – Holandia / The Netherlands

Lucie Houdková – Czechy / Czech Republic

Romualdas Inčirauskas – Litwa / Lithuania

Barbora Jamrichová – Słowacja / Slovakia

Ji Young Kim – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Kyung Jin Kim – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Weng Ian Lai – Chiny / China

Ria Lins – Belgia / Belgium

Peter Machata – Słowacja / Slovakia

Lieta Marziali – Włochy / Italy

Magdalena Maślerz – Polska / Poland

Susanne Matsché – Austria / Austria

Christine Matthias – Niemcy / Germany

Jasmin Matzakow – Niemcy / Germany

Dot Melanin – Izrael / Israel

Daniel Michel – Niemcy / Germany

Carla Movia – Włochy / Italy

Michalina Owczarek – Polska / Poland

Andrzej Pacak – Polska / Poland

Ruudt Peters – Holandia / The Netherlands

Kirsten Plank – Niemcy / Germany

Louisa Maria Ponseele – Belgia / Belgium

Katarzyna Puchała – Polska / Poland

Mette Saabye – Dania / Denmark

Isabell Schaupp – Niemcy / Germany

Tom Stöckl – Niemcy / Germany

Ulrike Strempel – Niemcy / Germany

Takayoshi Terajima – Japonia / Japan

Silke Trekel – Niemcy / Germany

Sandra Vollbrecht – Niemcy / Germany

Heike Walk – Niemcy / Germany

Andreas Zidek  – Niemcy / Germany 







Exposition time and venue:

April 27 – June 11, 2017

The Gallery of Art in Legnica

Exhibition opening: May 20, 2017


Works must be submitted by April 5, 2017


References to important phenomena that shape the present are a lasting  tradition of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. Proposing topics for future competitions we have been trying to follow current civilisational changes and thus inspire artist-goldsmiths, designers and makers of unique jewellery to overpass the schemes and search for individual interpretations.

As it happens, recently, there has not probably been an issue that would not be politically marked – and usually in a negative context. Social processes and their rapid re-evaluations that we are witnessing are described in a language of extreme emotions and not of facts; and ‘post-truth’ becomes the word of the year.  As a result existing criteria for ordering the individual / community relation more and more often force us to make world view declarations. At the same time the very identity of an individual acquires an almost exclusively virtual quality and becomes the subject of self-creation, manipulation and even identity theft.

Designer jewellery, that has always been treated as a  personal amulet, a symbol, a determinant of individual identity, today is subject to the same mechanisms of ruthless marketing as any product, service, emotion or experience. Therefore new questions  arise  with respect to the item / user relation both in the real and virtual context so ruthlessly shaped by the economy of profit.

Are material amulets still needed to manifest our identity?

Have former functions of jewellery been indivertibly taken over by electronic accessories?

Will the personal item made of precious materials get indivertibly replaced by the Big Data algorithm, which is able to make our personality profile on the basis of just 50 traces that we unwittingly leave on the Internet?


Sławomir Fijałkowski















We invite you to get to know the works of the winners of the 25th Legnica International Jewellery Competition CITY, and full report from SILVER Festival 2016.


  (Report from the festival - link)


  (Winners - link)




On 5th and 6th April 2016 jury proceedings of the 25th Legnica International Jewellery Competition CITY took place.
The Jury constisting of:
Timothy Carson (Great Britain) – artist-goldsmith, lecturer at Middlesex University in London, Great Britain, a member of project group Dialogue Collective,
Sławomir Fijałkowski (Poland) – dean of the Architecture and Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where he runs a Workshop of Experimental Design.
Melanie Isverding (Germany) – assistant of prof. Daniel Kruger at the Jewellery Department of the Burg Giebichenstein University in Halle (Germany), participant of many collective exhibitions and author of individual exhibitions all over the world,
Otto Künzli (Switzerland/Germany) – artist-goldsmith, lecturer at academies in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and in Europe, in years 1991-2014 – prof. of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich,
Katarzyna Rzehak (Poland) - Creative Director at the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw, art historian, critic of design and artistic jewellery, lecturer of postgraduate Design Management studies at the Institute of Industrial Design and Warsaw School of Economics.
evaluated 481 works submitted by 272 artists from 33 countries, qualified artists for the exhibition and selected award winners.
The list od artist qualifield for exhibition is available here Link(Click)


On the 5th-6th April jury session of the 25th Legnica International Jewellery Competition CITY took place... (See more)





Idea and entry form
of the 25th Legnica International Jewellery Competition 












We sincerely invite you to take part in 

25th Legnica International Jewellery Competition



within the framework  of
Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2016

Deadline for sending pieces: 25th of March 2016 !!!


Awards and prizes in the competence of the Jury:
- Grand Prix                                                                            PLN 10.000 (c.a. € 2300)* + 1 kg of silver
- 2nd Award of the Marshall of Silesia Province              PLN 5.000 (c.a. € 1150)* + 1 kg of silver               
- Award of the Mayor of the City of Legnica                    PLN 3.000 (c.a. € 690)* + 1 kg of silver
- Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica                           solo exhibition with catalogue worth 1.000 €
- The Organizers' Special Award  for creativity,
courage, uncompromising attitude, innovation
and a sense of humour
                                                    “Silver Spur” – statuette + 1 kg of silver


Prizes beyond the competence of the Jury:

- INHORGENTA MUNICH Award – free stand at INHORGENTA MUNICH in 2017 worth 2000
- The Joachim Sokólski Award established by the Polish Modern Art Foundation - 1 kg of silver
- Polish Jewellery Award - free stand at Summer Trade Fair JUBINALE in Cracow in 2017
- Polish Jewellery Award - advertisement in Polish Jewellery catalogue in 2017

- Honourable Mention of the Goldsmithing Artists` Association – diploma
- Honourable Mention of the Director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica – diploma + 0,5 kg of silver

Additional prizes are predicted.


We invite you sincerely to Legnica,
especially on the 20th – 21st May 2016,
when the culmination of the Legnica Jewellery Festival takes place.


*Exchange rate of EURO on 15.12.2015. Award in PLN will be converted to
EURO in accordance with exchange rate on 21.05.2016, less tax due.


The  Gallery of Art in Legnica
Pl. Katedralny 1
59-220 Legnica, Poland
tel. +48 76 86 20 910, fax. +48 76 85 65 126


Contact person:
Monika Szpatowicz - curator of the LJF SILVER
Julita Grzegolec - assistant of the curator



See the relation from the culmination of the Legnica Jewellery Fsetival SILVER 2015! (click)



 Read previous news here. 




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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2018 
Dates:  1st May - 1th June 2018


Culmination: 18th – 19th of May 2018
Venue: Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland